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Spirit, Passion & Creativity

Hi Everyone (Anyone):  I’ve not made a post for a while – started taking some classes and every spare minute seems to find me with my nose in a book!  Anyway, I came across this quote in an article on the philosophy of educational leadership.  The article contemplated modernist and postmodernist applications to education and more specifically ed leadership.  The quote really struck a chord with me - lots of implications about how we do business . . . give it a read and see if it means anything to you:

 “Order, predictability, structure, rationality, and control have not freed the human spirit, ignited human passions or promoted human creativity, and this failure is taking a toll on personal lives as well as on organizational activity, social relationships and global conditions” (Sackney & Mitchell, 2002).

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  1.   diana C. Says:

    Hi Trevor,
    I have not read widely on this, but are the authors espousing chaos? The societal structures and constraints listed may not lead to perfect freedom, if there is such a thing, but even the most wildly creative person probably flourished within the greater protection of a predictable and orderly world.
    Using the analogy of democracy: Rational law may not be the best, but it is better than the alternatives.
    Thanks, Diana

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