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Guess when . . .

I am helping to plan a reunion for the high school where I work (and attended).  As I was thumbing through some things from yesteryear I came across this cartoon, drawn by a student, once published in our student newspaper.  In what year do you think this picture was drawn and why?  Feel free to add any commentary about the deep educational implications of this work : ) Check back next week for the answer.

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  1.   Trev Says:

    Answer: This cartoon, drawn by a student, was published in our student newspaper (actually, a “literary magazine” called the Clarion) in the year 1919. I was amazed by this for a couple of reasons – 1.) that the cartoon would not have been censored and 2.) that the theme or message seemed to be much more of a 1940′s, 50′s, or 60′s sentiment (not sure why exactly).

  2.   Shelly Stamm Says:

    1919! That is very interesting…

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